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decennium n : a period of 10 years [syn: decade, decennary] [also: decennia (pl)]

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From decem ten annum year


  1. a period of ten years
    • 1998:"G.B. still has to cope with the heritage of approx. 20 years of consecutive Conservative reigns, just as you guys are getting your act together after almost a decennium of Enlightened Ronnie. " — []
    • 1996:" Christian leaders refused even to *look* through Galileo's telescope (as a matter of fact, the Vatican cleared Galileo's name only as late as in the previous decennium)." — []


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  1. a period of ten years




  1. decade; a period of ten years

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This is a list of decades in history, including links to corresponding articles with more information about them.
During the twentieth century, it became common to separate individual decades as historical entities in themselves. Particular trends, styles, and attitudes would be associated with and define different decades of the century, and thus the names of the decades themselves have come to be synonymous with them.
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